Here are a few classes we recommend for those new to yoga. Be sure to check out our schedule to see when they are offered and, of course, feel free to contact us with any questions or for recommendations on which classes will meet your individual needs.

yoga basics
For the Beginner Yogi or the practitioner who seeks to revisit a foundation of breath and pose in preparation for a more intermediate to advanced practice. Beginning class with centering breaths, practitioners will be guided into mindful connection between their breath and the overall body. Once a more lengthened and expansive breath is established throughout the body, the student is encouraged to “ride the wave” of their breath throughout the series of class poses. Continuing through each individual pose, participants will be led to direct the breath to specific areas of the body to better lengthen and strengthen the entire body. The level and intensity of each class will be tailored to the attendees level of practice.

hatha vinyasa yoga
Hatha Vinyasa combines a flowing sequence with specific attention to individual poses.  The objective is to combine the physical benefits of strength and stamina with detailed attention to alignment and awareness.  Each class will start with a specific sequence of poses followed by focused anatomical instruction on where restrictive movement may exist and suggestions on how to release into greater freedom of mobility.

pilates for all
Pilates for All provides an opportunity for improving core and total body strength, flexibility, balance and posture while reducing overall stress and fatigue. Pilates exercises are performed in a controlled, deliberate manner with the goal of blending the power of your mind with the movements of your body. Class will consist of a warm-up focusing on alignment, exercises challenging strength and balance, and a cool-down for stretching and relaxation. All exercises will be explained and demonstrated with options for beginners as well as more advanced participants. Whether practicing yoga, sitting at your computer, walking, running, playing sports or working in the yard, the benefits of Pilates will quickly carry over into other areas of your life. So, bring an open mind and willingness to explore and in no time you will become a dedicated “hard core” Pilates student.

pilates for yogis
Looking for a way to strengthen your yoga practice? Hoping to improve your balance poses, make your crane fly or float into a handstand? If you responded YES to any of these questions then Pilates for Yogis is the class for you. We will take a seriously playful approach to exploring yoga poses while focusing on moving from our center. Pilates for Yogis emphasizes the development of precise body alignment, deep torso muscles and spinal flexibility through the practice of Pilates. While developing greater strength and moving with increased control and efficiency we will explore various yoga postures and better understand how the fundamentals of Pilates positively impacts your asana practice.