community bodywork 

Community Bodywork is a group massage workshop.  All exercises are done fully clothed with the recipient lying down on the floor. We will begin with a short demo of techniques to use on the whole body, then work with a partner for an hour to practice on each other. The second half of the class focuses on a specific area of the body in more detail; we will change partners more often to get a sense of how to work with different body types and connect with different people.  Come with a friend or partner, or come solo! Students learn about anatomy, proper body mechanics, and specific bodywork techniques.

We also focus on the “soft skills” of massage – communication, intention, intuition, improvisation, and presence.  Community Bodywork classes give students the skills to safely and effectively bring massage home to family and friends. No experience necessary– all are welcome. Participants should wear comfortable, stretchy clothing and dress in layers.

What’s so great about this community approach to learning bodywork?

  • It’s affordable: $15 to drop in, or use your prepaid classes.  Compare that to $60 for a 1 hour professional massage!  Part of the mission of Community Bodywork is to make massage accessible to everyone.
  • No massage tables or oils needed– you don’t need special gear.
  • Experience touch in a way that is safe and feels good. Practice asking for what you want and communicating about your boundaries.
  • It’s fun, relaxing, and feels great!