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Hatha is a traditional form of yoga focusing on body and breath. Classes move through stretching and strengthening poses at a mindful, meditative pace, opening space for greater physical health and mental clarity. With emphasis on connecting the breath to movements of the body, hatha offers a great starting place for those new to yoga as well as deepening for those at any level of practice. Check out the class descriptions below to find the hatha class that is right for you!

anatomy of poses
Have you ever wanted to know tips on how to alleviate wrist pain in downward facing dog or plank pose? Or how to maintain your balance a bit longer in one-legged standing poses or arm-balancing poses?  This interactive class is taught from the perspective of a physical therapist/yogini who will provide step-by-step instructions for various poses (basic to advanced).  Come and explore different muscle groups and learn how to stretch or engage them to protect your joints and spine.  Each class consists of a warm-up sequence pertaining to the muscle groups of focus followed by a break-down of proper alignment and biomechanical principles related to a particular pose.  Students’ input on which poses or muscle groups to focus on for each class are welcome – so bring any curiosities or challenges that you may have encountered through your yoga practice!

centering yoga
In this class, practitioners explore the benefits of an “awakened” Yoga practice. Slower paced than a Hatha or Vinyasa class, we start with an intention while performing a floor sequence, especially as we gather to mid-line and create enhanced body awareness. Moving mindfully through standing and balancing postures, we refine our physical sense of meditative wholeness. Core-strengthening is emphasized throughout. Each class will end with a reflective summary of the 75-minute sequence, along with a brief breath meditation. This class is open to all levels.

deep stretch hatha yoga
From athlete to office worker, the benefits of stretching are recognized broadly. Whether you wish to lengthen tired and sore muscles or release the mental and emotional demands of life, this class is for you!  Come prepared to combine breath, body and focus.  Submitting requests for practice and the sharing of specific health concerns are encouraged.

hatha yoga
This class is focused primarily on the physical aspect of Hatha yoga: the dynamic set of poses aims at building flexibility, strength and balance. It is a fun way to both challenge your body and learn to be attuned to its signals. More importantly, the class is a place where we all will learn and grow together. People from all levels are welcome.

hatha yoga 1-2
Integrate breath and body, action and ease with a practice to build your strength, stamina, flexibility and focus. Slower moving than a vinyasa class, we will take time to explore basic and more challenging asanas as we refine physical alignment and sharpen the mind. Expect attention to detail, permission to play, and guidance toward your own awareness. ”

hatha vinyasa yoga
Hatha Vinyasa combines a flowing sequence with specific attention to individual poses.  The objective is to combine the physical benefits of strength and stamina with detailed attention to alignment and awareness.  Each class will start with a specific sequence of poses followed by focused anatomical instruction on where restrictive movement may exist and suggestions on how to release into greater freedom of mobility.

slow flow
Intentionally uniting movement and breath, this practice is intended to elevate physical cleansing and mental clearing through the increase of internal temperature through a continuous SlowFlow.  By prompting the mindful Yogin to concentrate on hand-foot placement, awareness of a healthy and safe journey is encouraged.  Please remember to hydrate before and during this practice!

yoga basics
For the Beginner Yogi or the practitioner who seeks to revisit a foundation of breath and pose in preparation for a more intermediate to advanced practice. Beginning class with centering breaths, practitioners will be guided into mindful connection with breath and overall body. Once a more lengthened and expansive breath is established, the student is encouraged to “ride the wave” of their breath throughout the series of class poses. Continuing through each individual pose, participants will be led to direct the breath to specific areas of the body to better lengthen and strengthen the body as a whole. The level and intensity of each class will be tailored to the student’s level of practice.