prenatal yoga
Pregnancy is one of the most miraculous times in a woman’s life. Come join our community of expectant mothers as we learn to meditate and move in harmony with our changing bodies. Taking the time to find the stillness and peace within during pregnancy will help you to meet the power of birth with grace. It will also help you to parent from a place of strength and calm as you journey beyond your pregnancy and birth. Instructor Antoinette Villamil (currently a new mom herself!) invites all expectant moms, whether new to yoga or an experienced yogini, to benefit from this safe and joyful practice.

IMG_8899_e_rsWhat are the Benefits of Prenatal Yoga? There are many!
Research across the board suggests yoga can:  make the mother’s pregnancy and labor more comfortable; provide multiple benefits to your growing baby; reduce the mother’s levels of depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbances; improves your baby’s birth weight; reduce preterm labor; and lower the mother’s perceived stress levels.

1. Research from the Mayo Clinic shows how prenatal yoga can make pregnancy and labor more comfortable and provide benefits to your growing baby:

2. “Prenatal Yoga: 5 Health Benefits Of A Yoga Practice For Expecting Mothers”

3.This study concluded that, “Yoga reduces perceived stress and improves adaptive autonomic response to stress in healthy pregnant women.”

4. More evidence that yoga helps create a healthy pregnancy! “Yoga improves birth weight [and] decreases preterm labor.”

5. “Tai chi/yoga reduces prenatal depression, anxiety and sleep disturbances.”

6. “Yoga and massage therapy reduce prenatal depression and prematurity.”

7. Finally, read about “The effects of mindfulness-based yoga during pregnancy on maternal psychological and physical distress.”

Local Resources

For a comprehensive list of pregnancy-related resources in the Triangle area, check out the resource listings on the Midwifery  at Women’s Health Alliance page: