Awareness Through Movement®: Tap the Power of your Brain to Improve your Physical Skills

Rediscover your innate capacity for easy, graceful, efficient yet powerful movement using The Feldenkrais Method® of movement education. This revolutionary approach to skill development taps the power of the brain and central nervous system to create startling changes in your neuromuscular organization and coordination. Your involuntary limiting movement habits will dissolve and you will emerge from class more relaxed, grounded, and powerful. Results include tension and pain relief, increased flexibility and coordination, and improved breathing, alignment, posture, balance, strength, and control. Simply put: when you move better, you feel better. An invaluable adjunct to your yoga or Pilates practice, this class will make your challenging yoga postures more accessible to you. Adults of all ages and abilities are welcome.  Designed for both yoga and non-yoga practitioners alike.

Weekly ongoing classes are grouped into 8-week sessions with each session exploring a particular topic. While each class stands on its own (and drop-in students are more than welcome), we and our students find it beneficial (and more fun!) to explore a topic in depth over many weeks.

Visit to Move With Elan website for useful information for beginners!

8 Thursdays, Jan 15 – March 5, 6:45 – 7:45 pm

Source Your Support and Power from the Ground

We are designed to move off a surface.  Without some kind of external supporting surface, we cannot intentionally control the direction of our movement. [Think how astronauts flail about in zero-gravity!]  Additionally, most of us don’t have an internal sense of support.  We either use muscular strength to hold ourselves up or we collapse in on ourselves.  Just as a driver who uses the gears inappropriately creates stress and damage to the engine and transmission, a person who doesn’t use support from the ground well creates stress, strain and shearing forces through their joints and soft tissue that corrode their physical function, balance and quality-of-life over time.  In this series of classes, we’ll learn to exploit the relationship between the external support provided by the ground and the internal support provided by our skeleton to discover efficiency, ease and surprising power in our movements.