Friday Massage Therapy at Patanjali’s Place with Toni Craige
Toni is a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist, NC #12685

Compliment your yoga practice, and take it to the next level with massage therapy!   Your session will be designed based on your health history, current movement and postural patterns, and wellness goals. The work is both deeply nourishing and relaxing to mind and body, and transformative to the physical tissues.

 Date/time: This is a six week trial series.  Toni will be available at Patanjali’s Place for appointments Fridays from 8am-7pm during January and February (January 18th and 25th, February 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd).

Schedule an appointment: Call Toni or Patanjali’s Place in advance to schedule your appointment- Toni(919-219-8100), or Patanjali’s Place (919-475-1355).  30, 60, and 90 minute appointments are available.   

Services available:

Table Work:  The bodywork is performed on a massage table.  The client is undressed to their level of comfort under a sheet.  I work with oils directly on the skin using techniques from swedish massage and myofascial (deep tissue) release.   This massage work can break up adhesions in muscle and connective tissue, restoring mobility and circulation to long-stagnant and bound areas.   More so than most massage therapists, I focus on passive movements of the joints, which help clients  become more aware of and learn to release chronic tension.  The movement work can undo inefficient, restrictive movement patterns, thus increasing range and ease of motion

Floor Work:  Bodywork done on the floor provides many of the same benefits as table work, but has a different emphasis.  Since the client is clothed, long gliding strokes on the muscles are not possible, but most massage techniques can still be performed.  The floor work emphasizes passive stretching and movement with techniques borrowed from Thai massage.  Floor work focuses less specifically on breaking up adhesions in particular tissues, and more on increasing range and ease of motion in the whole body.


 A 60 minute session consists of 60 minutes of “hands on” time.  A 90 minute session is 90 minutes of “hands on” time. The session length does not include the time we spend filling out forms, discussing your goals, checking in after the treatment, etc.  Your “appointment” will take about 15 minutes longer than the length of your “session.”

30 minute session: $35
60 minute session: $60
90 minute session: $85