Pilates provides an opportunity for improving core and total body strength, flexibility, balance and posture while reducing overall stress and fatigue. Pilates exercises are performed in a controlled, deliberate manner with the goal of blending the power of your mind with the movements of your body. 


Pilates for all consists of a warm-up focusing on alignment, exercises challenging strength and balance, and a cool-down for stretching and relaxation. All exercises will be explained and demonstrated with options for beginners as well as more advanced participants.

Pilates Flow is unique class created by Gena DuBose. Each class combines classical and contemporary Pilates exercises with yoga sequences connected with a Vinyasa flow. Classes start with a warm up, introducing heat into the body, and move into core work with a flow between each pose and exercise. Over time this practice will help to increase flexibility, strengthen the core, improve posture and create balance between the mind and body. This class is open to everyone, All levels welcome!

This pilates class is specifically designed to strengthen your yoga practice. We will take a playful approach to exploring yoga poses while focusing on moving from our center. Pilates for Yogis emphasizes the development of precise body alignment, deep torso muscles, and spinal flexibility through the practice of pilates.